Saturday, 2 March 2013


After a few months of 2nd year Photo Art students getting involved with the community, from the market stalls to the streets, we've reached the time to showcase the work in Pontypool. The private viewing for the  exhibition will take place on Thursday 14th March, 5:00pm to 8:00pm and will run until the 21st 10am-4pm daily.

The exhibitions will take place in various locations, from the Market stalls, Crane Street, Commercial Street and George Street. All of the photographers and Artists will be present to talk about their work and greet the public, as we celebrate whats been a creative and enjoyable past few months. 

As well as the exhibition, there is a publication designed by Oliver Norcott which will be launched within the free press on the 13th March, copies will also be available at the exhibition.

We look forward too seeing you all there! Below is a taster of some of the work that has been going on.

Katie Lionheart

Elizabeth Hewson

Stephanie Franklin

Rosie Blatchford

Roxanne Wilson

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