Sunday, 16 December 2012

There is nothing in the desert - By Harry Rose

"The photographic project ‘There is nothing in the desert’ deals with the documentation and process of time and lingering. Having to wait for change to happen, if it ever comes at all. Nature has been left unmanaged to grow out of its original man made constraints and uniformed aesthetics. Roots and vines now twist and lurch across the woodland floor as apposed to being kept back with the instruments and control of man. The process in which the photographs have been taken has undergone an element of time between each medium and visual ‘result’. Working at first with colour medium format film, to then be digitally captured and scanned onto a computer, which then printed the images onto a plastic slide which would lead to a projection re envisioned back onto the location where the photographs where first taken. Time has passed at length in between each stage of the project, creating a conscience that confesses and gives into the statement that change is abundant here and has been left to develop and mold into its own natural state."- Harry Rose

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