Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Exhibition at the Market

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of us Photo Art students headed off to Pontypool Indoor Market where the two market stalls provided for us to be used whichever way we found best, waited empty. The space has now been transformed into a public exhibition space showing each of our ongoing projects at their current stage.
Today, Wednesday being the busy market day in Pontypool, the exhibition was opened for the entire day. The line of photographs and brief artist statements covering the walls caught the attention of many passers-by - some stopped for a chat and a piece of cake, and all were encouraged to leave a message in a guestbook. From now on, the exhibition shall be opened every Wednesday with a few of us always present to answer questions and hear opinions. By publicly displaying our work in progress, we hope to arise the community's curiosity and interest towards the project, and invite them to take part in it.

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